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Baby Namer



Valentine From the Latin for "good health."
Valerie From the Old French for "valor."
Vance Middle English for "dweller at the windmill."
Vanessa From the Latin for "butterfly." Butterfly is an enchanting name in every language: mariposa (Spanish), papillon (French), schmetterling (German).
Vania From the Old Russian for "God's gift" and a feminine variation of Ivan.
Varden From the Old French for "from a green hill."
Vaughan Old Welsh for "small one."
Veda Sanskrit for "eternal knowlege."
Vega Arabic for "falling star."
Velvet Middle English for the "fabric."
Vera From the Latin for "truth."
Vernon From the Latin for "springlike."
Veronica From the Latin for "true likeness" as well as a plant. A veronica is a cloth with an impression of the face of Christ. Veronica followed Christ up to Calvary and wiped his face with her handkerchief. An image of his face was found on the cloth.
Vesper From the Latin for "evening." Vesper is the evening star, and vespers are sung at late afternoon services.
Victor Latin for "winner." A blue-ribbon, gold-medal, first-place name.
Victoria Latin for "victory."
Vida From the Hebrew for "beloved."
Vincent From the Latin for "conqueror."
Violet Old French for "violet flower."
Virgil From the Latin for "staff bearer" or "flourishing."
Virginia From the Latin for "maiden."


Vaibhav Glorious; Powerful; Born of the moon
Vairat gem
Vanad Cloud
Vansh Coming Generation of father
Varin Gifts
Vasant Season; Spring
Vasur Precious
Vatsa Son
Vatsal Love; Affection
Vayun Lively
Vibodh Wise
Vihaan Morning; Dawn
Vijay Victory
Vijval Intelligent
Vikas Progress
Vikrant Brave
Vishal Huge
Vishesh Special
Vishvas Faith
Vivash Bright
Vivek Intellect
Vrishab Excellent
Vyan Air


Vaijayanti Prize
Vainavi Gold
Vaishali Historical city
Vanalika Sunflower
Vandana Adoration
Vanita Graceful lady
Vara Blessing
Varsha Rain
Vasanti Season; Spring; Yellow
Vasatika Morning light
Vasudha Giver of wealth
Vati Nature
Vibusha Bright
Vidushi Learned
Vimla Clean
Vinanti Request
Virika Bravery
Vishaka Stars
Vithika Pathway
Vritika Thought



  Why we are best

In this profession practicing assisted reproductive technology since last 20 years. Treated around 20000 patients in India & abroad. An efficient team of specialized world class doctors and technicians. Click Here

  About Us

A state-of-the-art IVF treatment at affordable prices in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer all the newest reproductive techniques, including IVF, ICSI, laser assisted hatching, embryo freezing, egg donation, PGD , embryo biopsy, and blastocyst transfer. Click Here


A complete IVF cycle at our clinic consists of all medical procedures, including lab tests, scans, egg pickup and embryo transfer. Click Here


ICSI ( pronounced "eek-see" ) stands for Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or micro injection is the most cost-effective treatment for male factor infertility. Click Here

  Egg Donation

We have an active egg and embryo donation program. These are very useful treatment options for older women and women with ovarian failure. Click Here

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