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Baby Namer



Page French for "young attendant."
Palmer Old English for "palm bearing pilgrim."
Paloma Spanish for "dove."
Pamela Greek for "honeyed." This name was "invented" by Sir Philip Sidney in 1590 for a character in his novel Arcadia and was picked up again some two hundred years later by Samuel Richarson in his novel Pamela.
Patricia From the Latin for "noble one" and a feminine variation of Patrick.
Patrick From the Latin for "noble one." Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland honored every March 17. The name also shares the Latin root "patres," which refers to the nobility or patricians.
Paul Latin for "little one."
Perry Middle English for "pear tree" and Welsh for "son of Harry."
Peter From the Latin for "rock."
Philip From the Greek for "horse lover."
Phoebe Greek for "bright one."
Polly A nickname for Mary and Paula.
Priscilla Latin for "from ancient times."
Prudence From the Latin for "foresight."


Padam Lotus
Padminish Lord of lotuses; Sun
Palash Tree
Palin Protecting
Panav Prince
Pankajan Lotus; Lord Vishnu
Paranjay Lord of the sea
Parashar A renowned saint
Parikshit Proven
Parimal Fragrance
Paritosh Delight
Parmeet Wisdom
Parth King; Arjun
Patag Sun
Pehlaj First born
Prabal Strong
Pradeep Lamp
Prajit Winning
Prakul Good-looking
Pritam Lover; Darling; Loved one


Padma Lotus
Pallavi Bud
Panna Emerald
Pari Fairy
Parul Graceful
Parvati Wife of Lord Shiva
Pavitra Pure
Payal Anklets
Poonam Full moon
Pragya Wisdom
Pratiti Faith
Priyanka Favourite
Puji Gentle
Pulak A gem
Punita Holy
Punya Virtuous
Purnima Full Moon
Purva Elder
Purvi From the east
Pusha Nourishing
Pushpa Flower



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In this profession practicing assisted reproductive technology since last 20 years. Treated around 20000 patients in India & abroad. An efficient team of specialized world class doctors and technicians. Click Here

  About Us

A state-of-the-art IVF treatment at affordable prices in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer all the newest reproductive techniques, including IVF, ICSI, laser assisted hatching, embryo freezing, egg donation, PGD , embryo biopsy, and blastocyst transfer. Click Here


A complete IVF cycle at our clinic consists of all medical procedures, including lab tests, scans, egg pickup and embryo transfer. Click Here


ICSI ( pronounced "eek-see" ) stands for Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or micro injection is the most cost-effective treatment for male factor infertility. Click Here

  Egg Donation

We have an active egg and embryo donation program. These are very useful treatment options for older women and women with ovarian failure. Click Here

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