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Baby Namer



Tab Old German for "briliant" and Middle English for "drummer."
Tabitha From the Greek for "gazelle."
Talia From the Hebrew for "dew from heaven," which sounds like the final line of a delicately crafted haiku.
Tanya From the Russian for "fairy princess."
Tara Irish Gaelic for "rocky hill."
Theresa Greek for "reaper."
Thomas From the Greek for "twin."
Thor Old Norse for "thunder." Thor was the Norse equivalent of Zeus- the god of war who was often depicted as tossing lightning bolts.
Tiffany From the Old French for "appearance of God."
Timothy Greek for "honoring God."
Todd Middle English for "fox."
Travis Old French for "crossing."
Trent From the Latin for "torrent."
Tristan Old Welsh for "noisy one" and Latin for "laborer."
Troy From the French place name "Troyes," and the ancient city in Asia Minor.
Tye Old English for "enclosed."
Tyrus From the Latin for "person from Tyre."


Taj Crown; Jewel
Taksheel Someone with a strong character
Tana Issue
Tanak Prize
Tanav Flute
Tanish Ambition
Tanvir Strong
Tapan Sun
Tapas Heat
Tapesh The Holy trinity
Taraksh Mountain
Tarang Wave
Taru Small Plant
Tarun Boy
Tautik Pearl
Tejas Light
Trishar Pearl necklace
Tuka Young boy
Turag A thought
Tushar Winter


Talika A bird
Talli Young
Tamanna Wish
Tanisha Ambition
Tanvi Beautiful
Tanya Of the family
Tarla Nectar
Tarli Star
Taruna Young girl
Tilika Auspicious symbol
Tripti Satisfaction
Trisha Wish; Desire
Trishala Trident
Triti A moment in time
Triya Young girl
Trusha Thirst
Tuhi Bird sound
Tuhina Dew drop
Turya Spiritual power
Tvisha Bright


Taahir Chaste; Modest
Taamir One who knows dates
Taj Crown; Jewel
Talal Nice; Admirable
Talha Kind of tree
Tamam Generous
Tareef Rare; Uncommon
Tarfah Kind of tree
Tariq Name of a star
Tawfeeq Success; Reconciliation
Taymullah Servant of God
Tayseer Facilitation
Thaabit Firm
Thaqib Shooting Star


Taahira Pure; Chaste
Taj Crown; Jewel
Tamadhur Proper name
Taroob Merry
Thanaa Thankfulness
Tharaa Wealth
Thuraya Star



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In this profession practicing assisted reproductive technology since last 20 years. Treated around 20000 patients in India & abroad. An efficient team of specialized world class doctors and technicians. Click Here

  About Us

A state-of-the-art IVF treatment at affordable prices in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer all the newest reproductive techniques, including IVF, ICSI, laser assisted hatching, embryo freezing, egg donation, PGD , embryo biopsy, and blastocyst transfer. Click Here


A complete IVF cycle at our clinic consists of all medical procedures, including lab tests, scans, egg pickup and embryo transfer. Click Here


ICSI ( pronounced "eek-see" ) stands for Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or micro injection is the most cost-effective treatment for male factor infertility. Click Here

  Egg Donation

We have an active egg and embryo donation program. These are very useful treatment options for older women and women with ovarian failure. Click Here

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