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Baby Namer



Daisy Latin for "day's eye."
Dale Old English for "valley."
Daniel Hebrew for "God is my judge."
Daphne Greek for "laurel." According to Greek legend, she was the nymph who was changed into a laurel tree to escape the amorous attentions of Apollo.
Darby Irish for "free man."
Darcy Irish for "dark."
Darius Persian for "king."
Darrell From Old French for "beloved."
Darren Old English for "rocky hill."
Denise Feminine of Dennis.
Dexter Latin for "right side" and the opposite of "sinister."
Diana Latin for "divine."
Dickinson American variation on a nickname for Richard.
Dolores Latin for "lady of sorrows." Out of favor.
Donald Old English for "ruler of the world."
Donna Latin for "lady."
Doris Greek for "of the sea."
Dorothy Greek for "gift of God."
Douglas Old English for "dark water."
Dustin Old English for "dark stone."


Daiwik: By the grace of God
Dakshi: The glorious
Daman: Controller
Darshan: Paying Respect
Dayaram: Merciful
Devbrata: Bhishma
Devrat: Spiritual
Dhairya: Patience
Dhir: Wise
Dhiraj: Patience
Dhruv: Firm
Digvijay: Conqueror
Dilip: Protector
Dinesh: Sun
Dipendu: Moon
Dipesh: Lord of light
Diptanshu: Sun
Divyesh: Full of Divinity
Dulal: Loved one
Durijesh: Moon


Daksha The Earth; Wife of Lord Shiva
Damini Lightning
Damyanti Beautiful
Darpana Mirror
Darshana Observation
Dayamayi Merciful
Dayanita Merciful
Deepa Light
Deepshika Lamp
Deepti Full of Light
Devanshi Divine
Devkanya Divine damsel
Dhanvanti Holdingwealth
Dhanya Thankful; Lucky
Dhriti Patience
Dhruti Motion
Dipti Brightness
Disha Direction
Drishti Sight
Durga A goddess


Dawoud A Prophet's name
Dhul Fiqaar The name of the Prophet's Sword
Diyaa Udeen Brightness of the Faith


Delisha: Happy & make others happy
Dhuha: Forenoon



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In this profession practicing assisted reproductive technology since last 20 years. Treated around 20000 patients in India & abroad. An efficient team of specialized world class doctors and technicians. Click Here

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A state-of-the-art IVF treatment at affordable prices in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer all the newest reproductive techniques, including IVF, ICSI, laser assisted hatching, embryo freezing, egg donation, PGD , embryo biopsy, and blastocyst transfer. Click Here


A complete IVF cycle at our clinic consists of all medical procedures, including lab tests, scans, egg pickup and embryo transfer. Click Here


ICSI ( pronounced "eek-see" ) stands for Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or micro injection is the most cost-effective treatment for male factor infertility. Click Here

  Egg Donation

We have an active egg and embryo donation program. These are very useful treatment options for older women and women with ovarian failure. Click Here

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