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Baby Namer



Calvin Latin for "bald." Think about it for a girl.
Cameron Old English for "bent nose." Don't be put off by its orginal meaning; this is a beautiful name.
Camille Latin for "attendant at a religious ceremony." The heroine of an Alexandre Dumas play, which was in turn the bassis for Verdi's opera LA TRAVIATA. And we all remember Garbo's "I vant to be alone."
Cara Latin for "dear." Increasingly popular either with the "c" or with the "k."
Carew Latin for "run." Almost exclusively used as a surname but has real potential as a first name. Solid sound, good nickname possibilities.
Carl A variation of Charles. This name has dropped out of ashion, and it's hard to understand why. More popular in its feminine form, Carla.
Carmen From the Hebrew for "garden" or "field of fruit," but most popular in Spanish-speaking countries. The origin of this name offers a possible explanation for Ms. Miranda's fruited headgear.
Caroline Feminine form of Charles. An old-fashioned charmer.
Catherine From the Greek for "pure." Ever popular always in good taste. A can't-miss with endless variations.
Cedric A combination of Welsh for "bounty" and "spectacle."
Chandler French for "candle maker." Surname used as a first name.
Cheryl From the French for "loved." A large group of names are available with the Cher prefix.
Chevy From the French for "knight" and Old English for "chase" or "hunt."
Chilton Old English for "farm by the spring." Unusual choice; yours will likely be the only one in his/her grade.
Christopher Greek for "Christ-bearer." Adorable for a little boy; A.A. Milne was no fool. Matures nicely as well. Relatives: Kristofer, Christof, Kristof, Chris, Kris, Kit, Christophe, Kester, Cristobel. Namesakes: Kris Kristofferson, Kit Carson, Kris Kringle, Christopher Columbus, "Christopher Robin."
Claude Latin for "lame." A name that is much more popular in France than in the United States.
Clifford Old English for "hill." Very nice.
Clyde Welsh for "heard from afar."
Cody Irish for "assistant." Informal but catchy.
Colin Irish for "youth." More widely used in Great Britain, but well worth considering.
Colleen Irish for "girl." You can't get much more Irish than this name.
Coral From the Latin for "rock."
Craig Irish for "crag." Always a popular choice.
Crystal From the Latin for "clear." For "Dynasty" fans and New Age devotees.
Curtis From the Latin for "court" and Old French for "courteous."
Cynthia From the Greek for "moon." Traditional and melodic.
Cyrus Persian for "the sun." Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Persian empire.


Chahel Good cheer
Chain Peace
Chaitanya Famous sage
Champak Flower
Chanakya Bright
Chandran Moon
Chatura Clever
Chetan Perceptive
Chiman Curious
Chinmay Supreme consciousness
Chinmayu Supreme consciousness
Chintan A thought
Chirag Lamp
Chiranjiv Immortal
Chitesh Lord of the soul
Chitt Mind


Chaaya Shadow
Chahna Love
Chaitali A season; Born in the Chaitra month
Chakori Alert
Chalama Goddess Parvati
Champa A flower
Chanchal Active
Chandan Sandlewood
Chandani Moon light
Chandika Goddess Durga
Chandra Moon
Chandrika Moon
Charita Good
Charulata Beautiful
Charusheela Beautiful Jewel
Chetna Power of intellect; Alert
Chhavi Reflection
Chhaya Shadow
Chintanika Meditation
Chitra Drawing



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