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Aarti Sharma

After a long wait we are blessed with baby girl!!! Thx to Dr. Pai, Dr. Pooja and everyone in their team which made the conception possible...I am extremely thankful to them for making our dream come true..kudos
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Kulwinder Jalle

Have u seen a Angel in your life ? i had seen. After my 2 Abortion i was very upset. My ex-incharge Ravinder kaur ( now Superviser ) told me about excellent Dr. Team in Fortis.

I made contact per telefon with Dr. Pooja Mehta. She is so nice person. I started treatment at Fortis Hospital. I got all needed guidance/treatment instructions per telefon and per whatsupp also before and after my Pregnancy. Now i m so happy to have a little naughty baby boy.

Yes!! She is my Angel - Dr. Pooja Mehta. I m also impressed from Dr. Suntita chandra and Dr. Hrishikesh Pai.

I am so thankful for all staff and Team. God bless you all Guys. Again thanks a lot my so nice so Beautiful smart intelligent Angel Dr. Pooja Mehta. God bless you.

No doubt Dr. Pai is a intelligent Dr. But he have to give more attention and he should more communicate with patients to maintain international standard.

Kulwinder Switzerland
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harpreet singh

Hospital just like home and doctors, staff are like family members

Thanks to Dr Pooja mehta mam & fortis hospital for everything know more »

Manmeet kaur

Thankyou note to Dr.Pooja,her team and Dr.Ritambhra Bhalla.

The children we bring into the world are small replicas of ourselves and our husbands;the pride and joy of grandfathers and grandmothers. We dream of being mother and for most of us dreams are realised naturally,but for me to be blessed with a baby boy through IVF is the miracle of our life and this miracle only happened with all your efforts and guidelines.

His littlest feet make the biggest footprint in our hearts.

Baby in our hand is a proof that dreams really do come true.

All thanks to you dear doctors.
Manmeet uhid 337209
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Rajbir Singh

Our whole family is thankful to Dr. Pooja Mehta and the team for the care and advance treatment throughout the pregnancy. We are blessed with twin baby boys. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours.
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Geetu Bhuchar

We really appreciate the effort of Fortis IVF Blooming Centre for making our dream come true. Special thanks to Dr Rishikesh Pai and Dr Pooja Mehta for helping us realize our dream by going an extra mile. Thanks to Palna and Nicu team for their excellent support . The child being premature needed Constant monitoring but we always felt we were in safe hands. With your sincere efforts, we have our son with us. Thanks a ton for all the support and help team Fortis.

Vipin Chhabra

we were planning baby for the last 7 years but it was not happening .Somebody recommended Dr Pooja Mehta , consultant at Fortis, Ivf centre, Mohali. We had a word with her and were convinced about her treatment strategies and now we are proud parents . All thanx to her and her team and staff .I must say from cost perspective also we need not to shell even a single penny other than already told amount. once again thank u so much Dr Pooja Mehta and we highly recommend her.....
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Bunty Bunty

I highly recommend Dr. Pooja mehta and Dr. Sunita Chandra, for those who looking for infertility treatment . I also thankfull ivf staff for their coperation as they all are very help full.
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I want to thank the whole team of 'Dr. Pooja Mehta' for making our dreams come true. We are a family because of you and we will never forget that. More than a good doctor I value the fact that Dr Pooja Mehta is a good human being, a friend, a well wisher and a supporter. Thank you so much for all the love and care from the core of my heart. Wishing you all the best !!!
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Nitin Kalia

Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you for making our dreams come true. We are overjoyed with our sweet daughter. We had great experience in your care. We are forever grateful to Dr. Pooja Mehta for her role in helping us achieve our dreams. Also we are grateful to Dr. Sunita Chandra, Dr. Alka and the whole amazing staff. We would like to thank you for the exceptional care you have given us. We are a family because of you, and we will never forget that.

Thank you very much for all the support and bringing happiness in our life. Wishing you all the best!

Vandana & Nitin Kalia
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Gaurav Jain

"Doctors" An Angel sent by God on Earth Doctor is a person after God who has the ability to save life rather in our case to give life ??. And for us that Angel is Dr. Pooja Mehta . Today we are blessed with a beautiful baby Girl. I want to thank Dr. Rishikesh Pai , Dr. Pooja Mehta , Dr. Sunita Chandra and whole team of Bloom IVF for bringing happiness in our life. Special thanks to Pooja mam. Her comforting and reassuring words are more powerful than medicines . Every time you meet her you feel so positive . We cannot express our feelings for you in words .

A nice quote " Good doctor (Dr. Pooja mehta ) understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business " Thank you for spreading SMILES
Lots of Love
Manisha Gaurav Jain
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Diki Jeeran

I was looking for infertility treatment for last few years then I came here Fortis bloom ivf centre.

I very much happy with their treatment as Dr. Pooja Mehta and Dr. Sunita Chandra, both are highly focussed toward patients and their treatment. Thanks to all IVF staff.
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Heena sapra

I want To thank the entire team of fortis bloom for bringing happiness in my life ,especially Dr.Pooja Mehta.she's very genuine and in her I find a mentor and a doctor for life.
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Geetu Bhuchar

I want to thank whole staff of fortis bloom ivf center for bringing happiness in my life.
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They take real good care of the patients.
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Sukhraj Kamboj

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Nidhi Vashist

hi i am nidhi vashist..six years of an unending wait for a child brought me to the fortis ivf bloom centre....and a miracle happened....the team at ivf bloom made this happen....i am so vry thankful to Dr.Pai,Dr Pooja and Dr.Sunita for bringing life back to my life...Not only the process at fortis is systematic and much calculated but also the mental support that the doctors give is commendable..At each step i was well guided .The support staff at the bloom centre is also very polite and helpful.....

The bloom centre in its best capacity is trying to bring dreams of people into realities.......The centre has becum an insepareable part of my life ...whenever i will see my child in my lifetime i will always be thankful to you......

with lots of good wishes...

keep up the good work
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