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Male Infertility
Production of Sperms | Transport of Sperms

Low sperm count is the main result of the causes associated with production of sperms. Technically your diagnosis will be termed as Oligospermia or Azoospermia.

When sperm production is affected then it is a cue that your sperm producing hormones, testosterone, FSH and LH have an imbalance level or you could have damaged testicles or absence of testicles.

Apart from these internal causes, certain external causes are also responsible for developing infertility. Over heated varicoceles, tight clothing, excessive exercise and extreme hot water baths can prove detrimental to fertility.

Hormonal Imbalance
The sperm production in your reproductive system is ruled by testosterone, FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone).

Over production or deficiency in the FSH or the LH hormones retards the stimulation of the testicles and the testosterone respectively. In effect your system is unable to produce adequate amount of sperms for conception.

Damaged Testicles
55% of the males are diagnosed as infertile due to damaged testicles. Unable to respond to hormones, the testes lose the ability to produce healthy and viable sperms.

Absence of testicles
Fertility can be inhibited when there is an absence of testicles or when the vas deferens is absent from the testicles.

Soaking yourself in steaming hot water baths, Jacuzzis can over heat the testicles. It can stop sperm production completely
Long hours of sedentary work can heat up the genitals causing low sperm production
Obesity causes the fat layers to heat up the testicles.

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