Infertility - Male Infertility - Production of Sperms

Production of Sperms | Transport of Sperms

A defect or a problem in the fertilization stages in your reproductive system could spell out a root cause of infertility. In majority of the cases you would be diagnosed as infertile because of a defect in production of the sperm, obstruction of the transport of the sperm or in the quality of the sperm. Each of these encompasses various causes that you need to know. Knowing about them is a step towards treating infertility.

For fertility to take place the critical events must occur:

  • The testis must produce millions of sperms everyday.
  • The sperm must travel to the epididymis at the back of each testis, and must mature
  • Then the sperm should reach the seminal vesicles through the vas deferens
  • A good amount of seminal fluid (content of the seminal vesicles) should get mixed with the sperm and form the ejaculatory duct
  • The two ducts must then reach the prostrate gland
  • A potential quantity of semen should be expelled through the urethra and must be ejaculated through the penis along with the sperm.

You Would Have Problems Conceiving If You:

  • Have multiple sex partners
  • Have a sexually transmitted disease
  • Have a past history of orchititis or epididymis
  • Excessive drinking, smoking and drug use of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crack We are well experienced in diagnosing, planning schedules and treating infertility so that you can carry home a baby. Geographical barriers are not a constraint at BabiesandUs.