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Bloom Ivf group (www, are one of the leading egg freezing groups in the world having frozen more than 7000 plus eggs.

I am happy to announce the introduction of the latest integrated takanome micromanipulator with imsi and the spider check technology. This is the first installation in the world outside of Japan Even ivf centres in USA and Europe so not have this technology. In this Spindle check system one can actual optically visualise the spindle while fertilising the eggs during icsi The spindle is the structure containing all the chromosomes. By avoiding the damage to the spindle while doing icsi one can improve icsi pregnancy rates. Also one can use this technique in egg freezing to improve outcome . Normally one freezes eggs blindly two to three hours after they are recovered from the ovary. Now we can confirm the formation of spindle prior to freezing the eggs. This may improve outcomes. Also once these eggs are thawed , in 25 per cent of patients there may be a shift in the spindle due to the contraction and expansion of the eggs following freezing and thawing. By using the spindle check one can visualise the new position of the spindle during icsi procedure and thus prevent the spindle damage. One can also use this technology in treating children with mitochondrial disease. I would like to thank our japanese colleagues who helped in this installation. Incidentally, our bloom ivf group (www headed by me and dr nandita palshetkar, are one of the leading egg freezing groups in the world having frozen more than 7000 plus eggs. With this spindle check technology it will maintain our edge as world leaders in this field.>

Dr Hrishikesh Pai & Dr Nandita Palshetkar
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